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Filling with Helium or Air

We can fill your balloons (party balloons) with helium or air either for collection of for delivery to a specific Venue. Alternatively, you can hire helium cylinders and inflators (nozzles) or air inflators from us to fill your own balloons yourself. Remember that balloons filled with helium float whilst balloons filled with air fall to the ground unless supported in some way. Air filling is relatively straightforward.

You simply hire an air machine that plugs into a normal wall socket and you can sit and blow up as many balloons as you want for as long as you want and you pay a daily or arranged rate for the hire of the machine. Helium is a bit different as it comes in different size cylinders each of which blow up a certain number of balloons. However, it depends on the size of the balloons, how full you fill them, whether you minimise leakage etc as to how many balloons you can ultimately fill out of each cylinder.

In this respect our trained consultants will give you expert advice on how many cylinders of each type you might need and how much this would cost you. Remember you are only buying the helium. Ownership of the cylinders remains with the Gas Supplier that we buy the helium from. So, as with the air machine, the cylinders must be returned.

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