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Like most things in life there is a tangible RISK attached to buying balloons and related equipment and using or playing with said balloons or equipment. Sheer Magic is a responsible organisation and would like to help you minimise any potential liability in this respect. Balloons are made out of latex and anyone can choke to death by inadvertently swallowing latex. So supervise storage and use of balloons.

They also sometimes pop as they are inflated and you need to keep your eyes protected in this respect. You should also never allow children to use or play with balloons or helium unsupervised – EVER! And Children too young to understand basic instructions should ALWAYS be kept away from balloons at all times.

Children old enough to understand instructions should be warned properly and a responsible Adult should still be in charge of any activities involving balloons or related equipment. Helium cylinders are heavy and if they fall over they can injure a human being quite easily. So storage of or movement of or use of helium cylinders should be supervised. They should be stored in securely locked areas – they should be secured properly during movement – and they should be used lying down so they cannot fall over.

People should not be allowed to suck in helium to make their voices squeaky as anyone with asthma or other breathing related problem could end up needing medical attention. Adult supervision is necessary at all times. Should anything else bother you please make sure you bring it to our attention and get a proper explanation before attempting to do anything with balloons or helium or related equipment that is not supervised directly by Sheer Magic.