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Event & Party Hire Specials

Today’s Winter Wonderland

We went off to JPMorgan Chase Bank today – Thursday 28/6/2012 – to do some Theme Decor for them. It was our first attempt at a Winter Wonderland Theme & although only a small area to decorate there was scope for new Backdrops, Snowmen out of balloons, Christmas trees out of balloons, faerie light stalks …

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A Cactus Made Out of Balloons

Recently we were asked to help with a Western Theme Function for a School Matric dance. They wanted the normal theme props like barrels, troughs, real cactii & wagon wheels et al but more importantly they wanted a big fake Cactus made out of balloons. So we made one – see above. & this is …

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Caribbean Umbrellas for Hire

Caribbean Umbrellas, however, are much larger and are designed specifically to provide as much shade as possible. They stand 2.8m high and they are 3m x 3m across the top and they really are very effective. Their bases are big and heavy so they are extremely stable and secure and outside of using very expensive …

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Event Draping

Sheer Magic has been doing drapes for probably 15 years now. And we’ve draped Marquees, verandas, homes, halls, corporate offices and created gazebos and stands out of frames and fabric – sometimes with a little help from a few tent pegs. We’ve even swaged spiralled drapes between stanchions. We’ve created a carnival float and carnival …

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Helium Balloons


People often don’t realise how many balloons are sold each year – MILLIONS! For kid’s parties, for celebrations, for decor & theme decor, for advertising or branding purposes, for arches, columns, pillars, strings of pearls, table bunches or arrangements, floor standing bunches or arrangements, balloons on ribbon, balloons on cups & stix, balloons in nets …

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Arches and Strings of Pearls

Balloon “arches” includes a host of helium balloon arrangements all of which pull into the shape of an arch because of the floatability of the helium. The simplest and least expensive is a “string of pearls” which is a series of helium filled balloons tied on to a piece of gut at each end of …

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Balloons for Sale

We sell balloons (party balloons) over the counter. You can buy them flat or inflated. They come in many different colours and you can buy the small 10cm ones, the 30cm ones and the 35cm ones. Also available, but not in as many different colours, are 50cm, 80cm, 1.1m and 1.3m. All of these balloons …

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Filling with Helium or Air

We can fill your balloons (party balloons) with helium or air either for collection of for delivery to a specific Venue. Alternatively, you can hire helium cylinders and inflators (nozzles) or air inflators from us to fill your own balloons yourself. Remember that balloons filled with helium float whilst balloons filled with air fall to …

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Public Liability

Balloons and Public Liability

Like most things in life there is a tangible RISK attached to buying balloons and related equipment and using or playing with said balloons or equipment. Sheer Magic is a responsible organisation and would like to help you minimise any potential liability in this respect. Balloons are made out of latex and anyone can choke …

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